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Welcome to the StreamSpot Status Dashboard. Components of the StreamSpot platform that can be impacted by widespread technical issues are listed below along with responses from the StreamSpot Team.

If you are a StreamSpot customer and have a technical issue that is not related to the components below, please submit a support ticket at

Past Incidents

9th January 2021

No incidents reported

8th January 2021

Ingest Performance Degradation

Users have reported degraded performance and the inability to view live content. The StreamSpot team is currently investigating.

  • The issue with our Ingest layer has been resolved. StreamSpot quickly identified an issue with one of our origin servers and deployed a fix. All services should be online and functioning normally. Some customers may have their recordings split into multiple archives for any broadcast that was affected during this time.

  • Our team has identified the root cause of the issue and are deploying a fix. Full functionality should be restored soon.

  • 7th January 2021

    Dashboard Platform Errors

    We are investigating a service disruption to SreamSpot services. We will update you with more information soon.

  • All issues with the StreamSpot platform have been resolved. Our team is still investigating the root cause of this disruption.

  • Service has been restored to the StreamSpot Customer portal. Customers should be able to login in and manage their accounts.

  • Customers are experiencing issues accessing the StreamSpot customer portal. All previously scheduled broadcasts appear to be operating normally at this time.”

  • 6th January 2021

    No incidents reported

    5th January 2021

    No incidents reported

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