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Welcome to the StreamSpot Status Dashboard. Components of the StreamSpot platform that can be impacted by widespread technical issues are listed below along with responses from the StreamSpot Team.

If you are a StreamSpot customer and have a technical issue that is not related to the components below, please submit a support ticket at

Past Incidents

18th February 2021

No incidents reported

17th February 2021

No incidents reported

16th February 2021

No incidents reported

15th February 2021

Roku Some Roku channels not showing content

Some Roku apps have recently experienced an issue with archives and live video not displaying on the main page of the app, but still being accessible through search. Research indicates that this issue is outside of our control, and is sometimes introduced by internal Roku channel updates. It can be repaired, however, by re-publishing the channel.

If your channel is experiencing this issue, please open a support ticket, and our team will initiate the re-publishing process on your behalf.

14th February 2021

No incidents reported

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